Hi, I’m Matija Habijanec, formerly known as Marshmallow (The Marshmallow Notebooks is the name I decided to adopt in early 2013). As Marshmallow, I wrote, ‘recorded’, “produced” and “”published”” twelve albums (including one compilation and one tribute album) in only eight years (1997-2004) and then one EP in the following eight years (I hate symmetry). The first new album under The Marshmallow Notebooks moniker was released on June 25, 2013 as a free download (you can download it here or over at Bandcamp). The limited vinyl edition was released on March 12, 2014 by Noisy Night Records and is now sold out. The North American vinyl with one bonus track was released in December 2016 by Ill in the Head Records.
Here’s the list of old Marshmallow albums:

ST 005 Marshmallow – Even Thoughts (MC, Stain, 1997.)
ST 007 Marshmallow – Second (MC, Stain, 1997.)
ST 009 Marshmallow – Let Alone Publishable (MC, Stain, 1998.)
ST 010 Marshmallow – Frontboy (MC, Stain, 1998.)
ST 012 Marshmallow – Unreleased B-Sides (MC, Stain, 1999.)
ST 013 Marshmallow – Toothpick: More B-Sides (MC, Stain, 2000.)
ST 014 Marshmallow – The Best Of: Stain Years (1997-2000) (CD-R, Stain/Carpe Diem, 2000.)
ST 015 Marshmallow – The Marinade Collection (CD-R, Stain, 2001.)
ST 018 Marshmallow – Marshmallow (CD-R, Stain, 2002.)
ST 019 Marshmallow – Spring Sounds (CD-R, Stain, 2003.)
ST 023 Marshmallow – Come Closer Come Nearer: Songs Of Bob Marley & The Wailers (CD-R, Stain, 2004.)
ST 024 Marshmallow – Unwritten Unsung (CD-R, Stain, 2004.)
WWW Marshmallow – Home EP (MP3, internet, 2008.)
the marinade collectionmarshmallowspring soundsunwritten unsung
I obviously needed a break at the time. Stain Records was the name of my improvised diy label (cassettes at first, CD-R’s at it’s peak) which actually put out some other people’s music as well (for example two well loved albums by singer-songwriter Igor Baksa, a highly acclaimed debut EP by Serbian dream-pop band super│studio and a superb “Home Made Volume 1” compilation featuring Karmakumulator, Moj Prijatelj Goran, People With Problems, Igor Baksa, Marshmallow, Mind Taker, Etui Etui Soniczoil, Vivan Girls, Miroslav Petrak Miki, The Orange Strips, Sućuraj and Mutual Of Omaha).
The Home EP, which was basically the only single (Weeks of Fall and Misery) off the lost (never finished, never published) Home LP accompanied with a few b-sides that didn’t make the phantom album, was available as a free download on the old internet. You can hear the least terrible songs from these early lo-fi albums on a few compilations –  The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008), The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008): Level Two and The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008): Level Three, released in March 2013, August 2013 and March 2016 respectively. You can download them here:
The spectacular lo-fi years (2001-2008) The spectacular lo-fi years (2001-2008) level two a the spectacular lo-fi years (2001-2008) level three a
There’s also a story of the Marshmallows band – I’ll try and keep it short. I formed the band in August 1997 (it was active until 2012) with some friends from school, but the line-up never stayed the same for long – as many as twenty five people were in the Marshmallows band at some point. We played forty gigs in these sixteen years, which is what an average band probably does in a year, and Stain Records “published” two live cassettes, which sounds too ridiculous to even dignify with a comment. Here’s the “list”:

ST 011 Marshmallows – Live In Attack, Bedekovčina, Donja Stubica, My Room (MC, Stain, 1998.)
ST 017 Marshmallows – Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die: Live (MC, Stain, 2001.)
1999 10
Our first gig was at an open-air punk festival in Mursko Središće and, after that, we played in Varaždin, Zagreb (Attack, Močvara, Tvornica, Purgeraj, KSET, Papillon, Klub SC, Spunk, Teatar &TD…), Bedekovčina, Donja Stubica, Zabok, Krapina, Našice, Bjelovar, Čakovec, Začretje, Pregrada, Vis and Buje. We’ve opened up for many great bands and songwriters over the years (KrankenHaus in 1998, Kukuriku Street in 1999, Schmrtz Teatar and Jarboli in 2000, Galax 54, Overflow, Analena, Lunar and Darko Rundek in 2001, Mance in 2003, Lollobrigida in 2005, Kimiko and Nina Romić in 2006, Oldseed in 2009, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists in 2010, Storms and Peach Pit in 2012…), played some memorable shows (!) and had lots of fun.
So feel free to download the compilations and the first new album under The Marshmallow Notebooks moniker and, if you like any of it, please don’t keep it to yourself. Sharing is caring.



The Marshmallow Notebooks – The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008)   (release date: March 29, 2013)

The Marshmallow Notebooks – The Marshmallow Notebooks   (release date: June 25, 2013 as a free mp3&flac download / March 12, 2014 on vinyl by Noisy Night Records / Dec 2016 on vinyl by Ill in the Head Records)

The Marshmallow Notebooks – The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008): Level Two   (release date: August 10, 2013)

The Marshmallow Notebooks – The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008): Level Three   (release date: March 1, 2016)


The Marshmallow Notebooks – Destruction LP

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Matija Habijanec aka The Marshmallow Notebooks is a singer-songwriter from Croatia. The North American vinyl reissue of 'The Marshmallow Notebooks' album was released by Ill in the Head Records in December 2016.