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news round-up: November & December 2013


->”The Marshmallow Notebooks” album (free download here) found it’s place on quite a few Best albums of 2013 lists, some of which are:
#1 – Pot Lista
#2 – Ruralna Gorila
#19 – Pop Depression
#1 – Personality Crisis
#2 – Kozmic Blues
#3 – Rolling Stone
#3 – Serge Stray
#4 – Ravno Do Dna
#5 – Terapija: Glas Naroda
#7 – Dokolica
#12 – Kultivator
#4 –
#5 – T Portal
#6 – Glas Slavonije
#13 – Pojačalo
->the vinyl will finally be released on March 12, 2014 by Noisy Night Records (website coming soon)
->there have been some shows as well; photos are here and the setlists, reviews and other details are here
->along with the Zagreb, Krapina and Koprivnica shows in December and Matija’s secret solo Zagreb gig in November, Matija and Vlado have also performed “The Last Tourist in Town” and an a capella version of the Violent Femmes’ “Jesus of Rio” in Oxford, at the Catweazle Club‘s famous open mic night, and did good
->”Advice” has recently appeared on the Žur Plus compilation album, while “I’ll OK It” (the upcoming third single off the album – Josip Visković’s video will be out in a couple of weeks) can be found on the Raspelo compilation album
->Andrija Škare  wrote a wonderful article on The Marshmallow Notebooks, tourism and J.D. Salinger for Booksa; you can read or pretend to read it here (it’s in Croatian)
->Matija made a mixtape for Pot Lista; check it out here
->there could be a couple of Matija’s solo shows in January and February, before the March 12 gig with William Tyler in Belgrade – more details will appear here – but most shows will be scheduled for March, April and other months as Matija will then finally have a record to sell

news round-up: September & October 2013

summer frame

->”The Marshmallow Notebooks” album (free download here) still refuses to be forgotten – in fact, Vedran Harča recently gave it 5 out of 5 stars in the Croatian edition of Rolling Stone and called it a “bedroom masterpiece
->the extra-limited vinyl edition (200 copies) of the album will be out in February; if you want one, please get in touch via e-mail because there are currently a few thousand comments too many on this website waiting to be looked at and moved to trash as 99.9% of it is spam
->both the September show in Zagreb and the October show in Zabok went great; Matija had some dear guests joining him on stage on both occasions – Vlado Brljak (drums), Oliver Kovač (bass) and Matko Botić (mandolin) joined him in Močvara and Marin Juranić (acoustic guitar) joined him in Regenerator; the set-lists and links to youtube videos are here and you can read the Močvara gig reviews over at Ravno Do Dna and Ruralna Gorila
->there will be some shows in November and December as well; more dates and details will appear here shortly, but two dates have already been confirmed – December 11 in Močvara with The Pharmacy (Seattle) and December 14 in Matija’s hometown Krapina with VVhile (Beograd)
->the second single off the album, “Summer“, recieved plenty of airplay, mostly thanx to great shows and stations like Kozmic Blues (Radio Kikinda), Pop Depression (Studio B, Beograd), Supersonična Emisija (Radio Student, Zagreb), Ravno Do Sna (Radio Student, Zagreb), Trezor (HR2, Zagreb), Kanal 103 (Skopje)…
->you can still vote for “Summer” over at Muzika Je Zvonko Radost
->the “Summer” video was beautifully edited by Josip Visković who is rumoured to be in charge for the forthcoming “I’ll ok it” video as well
->everyone who contributed their video clips for the “Summer” video received an exclusive “Summer EP” (mp3) featuring demo, live and home recordings, three of which are previously unreleased songs
->Matija was interviewed by Ladislav Tomičić for the Croatian daily newspaper Novi List and by Zvonimir Varga for his blog
->good (or irrelevant) news for those who only listen to music on YouTube: you can now listen to the whole album on YouTube

news round-up: July & August 2013


->”The Marshmallow Notebooks” album (free download here) is officially loved by more than a couple of people, which is nice
->the album was met with generally positive reviews from critics as well – Dubravko Jagatić (T-Portal), Predrag Prlek (Terapija) and Jelena Svilar (Ravno Do Dna) gave the album 9 out of 10, Siniša Miklaužić ( gave it 4 out of 5 and Anđelo Jurkas ( gave it 7 out of 10; Jagatić called it “the best singer-songwriter album of the year”, Brlek called it “a great summer record”, Svilar said that, “with a bit of luck and PR, it could easily become the Croatian album of the year”, Miklaužić wrote about “beautiful lyrics” and “a very relaxing indie pop/folk music” and Vedran Harča (RTL) called it “one of the best lo-fi/Americana/chamber pop albums of the year”; if you’re familiar with the language (reviews are in Croatian), you can read all the reviews here
->Matija played an ad-hoc free solo show, obviously his favorite gig so far, in one of Zagreb’s parks on August 3; the setlist is here and you can listen to as many as four songs from the show over at Soundcloud
->the first single off the album, “Advice”, received plenty of airplay, mostly thanks to great shows like Supersonična Emisija (Radio Student, Zagreb), Drugi Ponedjeljak (HR2, Zagreb), Kozmic Blues (Radio Kikinda), Pop Depression (Studio B, Beograd), Mountain Air (WSCS, New Hampshire)…
->Matija was interviewed by Anđelo Jurkas for the Ravno Do Dna web magazine; check it out here; it’s in Croatian of course
->you can hear the instrumental version of “You Can Tell Me Lies” in Josip Visković’s short movie “Someone Might Drop a Cigarette Butt”; you can watch the entire movie here
->the “official” video for the second single off the album, “Summer”, will be out on Tuesday, September 17; all clips featured in the video have been recorded and donated by The Marshmallow Notebooks fans, friends and family; thank you
->”The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008): Level Two” compilation was released on August 10; feel free to download it here
->there will be plenty of The Marshmallow Notebooks full-band shows in November, December and 2014, but for starters, Matija will play a couple of shows without the band – in Zagreb on September 26 and in Zabok on October 12; more details are here
->if you don’t want to miss out on the extra-limited vinyl edition (200 copies only) of the new album, out in November, please get in touch to reserve your copy

news round-up: June 2013


->“The Marshmallow Notebooks” album was finally released on June 25, 2013; feel free to download it here
->the album was mastered by Andy Jackson, twice Grammy nominated engineer, mostly known as Pink Floyd’s engineer for thirty years, which is quite funny because Pink Floyd are Pink Floyd and Matija recorded most of his Marshmallow albums using headphones as a microphone
->limited-edition LP will be out after the summer; if you’d like to reserve your copy, please send an e-mail to mhabijanec (at)
->the gig at the last Žur of the season in Prostor Do went great – the setlist is here and Gogo’s gig review can be found over at RuralnaGorila; it’s in Croatian of course
->the first single off the new album, “Advice”, is currently #6 over at Muzika je Zvonko Radost; feel free to vote, but only if you like the song
->the upcoming second single, “Summer“, can also be found on a “Bistro na rubu šume vol. 2” compilation released on July 1, 2013

news round-up: May 2013

Samo slusam

-> 90% of “The Marshmallow Notebooks” record is mixed, so nine out of ten songs
-> May was all about mixing the record with an old pal Hrvoje Nikšić in his Kramasonik studio; Nikšo also played some Hammond organ (“I’ll OK It”, “Brand New”) and mellotron (“Every Little Thing”, “Crawl into the Warmth”) on a few tracks and even sang some backing vocals on “Brand New” and there are other guests on the album – Vlado Brljak (Marshmallows drummer from 2003 to 2005) played drums on as many as seven tracks, Vatroslav Miloš (Marshmallows drummer since 2005) and Marin Juranić, both current members of The Marshmallow Notebooks band, sang some backing vocals on a couple of tracks (“Advice, “The Last Tourist in Town (acoustic)”) and Marin also played some acoustic guitar on “Advice”, Oliver Kovač (Marshmallows bass player since 2002) played bass on “Advice”, Matko Botić played mandolin on “Summer” and Nina Bertović played the accordion on “Well”
-> mastering should be done by mid-June, so let’s say the release date is June 15
-> that’s also when The Marshmallows Notebooks (full band) are playing at Žur in Spunk

news round-up: April 2013

-> “The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008)” compilation can be downloaded for free here
-> you can listen to it for free over at as well
-> the Močvara gig with The Mighty Felon and the best Croatian young band Lolita went great; in fact, Ramljak told Matija he reminded him of Johnny Cash and a straight man touched Matija’s hair after the gig and told him he liked it
-> Gogo’s gig review can be found over at Pot Lista; it’s in Croatian of course
-> Matija was a guest on Ante Perković’s radio-show on HR (National Radio) 2; you can listen to it over at Soundcloud; it’s in Croatian of course
-> you can listen to one song from the upcoming album in Matija’s live solo version over at YouTube
-> you can also take a look at more than seventy Marshmallows (1998-2012) photos over at Facebook