news round-up: April 2013

-> “The Spectacular Lo-Fi Years (2001-2008)” compilation can be downloaded for free here
-> you can listen to it for free over at as well
-> the Močvara gig with The Mighty Felon and the best Croatian young band Lolita went great; in fact, Ramljak told Matija he reminded him of Johnny Cash and a straight man touched Matija’s hair after the gig and told him he liked it
-> Gogo’s gig review can be found over at Pot Lista; it’s in Croatian of course
-> Matija was a guest on Ante Perković’s radio-show on HR (National Radio) 2; you can listen to it over at Soundcloud; it’s in Croatian of course
-> you can listen to one song from the upcoming album in Matija’s live solo version over at YouTube
-> you can also take a look at more than seventy Marshmallows (1998-2012) photos over at Facebook