news round-up: June 2013


->“The Marshmallow Notebooks” album was finally released on June 25, 2013; feel free to download it here
->the album was mastered by Andy Jackson, twice Grammy nominated engineer, mostly known as Pink Floyd’s engineer for thirty years, which is quite funny because Pink Floyd are Pink Floyd and Matija recorded most of his Marshmallow albums using headphones as a microphone
->limited-edition LP will be out after the summer; if you’d like to reserve your copy, please send an e-mail to mhabijanec (at)
->the gig at the last Žur of the season in Prostor Do went great – the setlist is here and Gogo’s gig review can be found over at RuralnaGorila; it’s in Croatian of course
->the first single off the new album, “Advice”, is currently #6 over at Muzika je Zvonko Radost; feel free to vote, but only if you like the song
->the upcoming second single, “Summer“, can also be found on a “Bistro na rubu šume vol. 2” compilation released on July 1, 2013