news round-up: November & December 2013


->”The Marshmallow Notebooks” album (free download here) found it’s place on quite a few Best albums of 2013 lists, some of which are:
#1 – Pot Lista
#2 – Ruralna Gorila
#19 – Pop Depression
#1 – Personality Crisis
#2 – Kozmic Blues
#3 – Rolling Stone
#3 – Serge Stray
#4 – Ravno Do Dna
#5 – Terapija: Glas Naroda
#7 – Dokolica
#12 – Kultivator
#4 –
#5 – T Portal
#6 – Glas Slavonije
#13 – Pojačalo
->the vinyl will finally be released on March 12, 2014 by Noisy Night Records (website coming soon)
->there have been some shows as well; photos are here and the setlists, reviews and other details are here
->along with the Zagreb, Krapina and Koprivnica shows in December and Matija’s secret solo Zagreb gig in November, Matija and Vlado have also performed “The Last Tourist in Town” and an a capella version of the Violent Femmes’ “Jesus of Rio” in Oxford, at the Catweazle Club‘s famous open mic night, and did good
->”Advice” has recently appeared on the Žur Plus compilation album, while “I’ll OK It” (the upcoming third single off the album – Josip Visković’s video will be out in a couple of weeks) can be found on the Raspelo compilation album
->Andrija Škare  wrote a wonderful article on The Marshmallow Notebooks, tourism and J.D. Salinger for Booksa; you can read or pretend to read it here (it’s in Croatian)
->Matija made a mixtape for Pot Lista; check it out here
->there could be a couple of Matija’s solo shows in January and February, before the March 12 gig with William Tyler in Belgrade – more details will appear here – but most shows will be scheduled for March, April and other months as Matija will then finally have a record to sell